Virtual Reality and the Future of the Web.

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Length: 45 minutes

@lady_ada_king @samsunginternet

Building immersive media into the web platform

Set the environment

// First, check if the API is available
if ('SamsungChangeSky' in window) {
  // Set the spherical panorama image
  window.SamsungChangeSky({ sphere: '' });

Immersive Video

<video src="/360.webm" type="video/webm; dimension=360-lr;"></video>

Try it out for yourself:

Where is it supported


Head Tracking Demo




Realtime Data

Speech APIs

WebVR Copresence with WebRTC by Boris Smus

WebVR isn't just a way to distribute VR content.

VR brings a new way to think about the web.

The web brings a new way to think about VR.

Works across devices

until there is enough content that people are regularly browsing in a headset

People probably won’t have a head set to hand

Need to support cardboard and gearvr as well as htc vive and occulus rift

Supporting user interactions.

Different modes of user input.

Some cool uses

Immersive Movies




How to get involved in Standards to influence the future of VR

These discussions are happening today!

If anything in this talk has interested you then please get involved.

If you start now you will be able to shape the next medium of the web

I don’t know about you guys but I am pretty excited for our VR future.

Get involved in standards

Please give feedback on this talk so we can learn and improve!